What Have Americans Chosen?

Dr. Michael LaitmanEvery action in our world can be realized in no more than two ways, and as a rule, not less. Rabash explains this in the article “A Short Path and a Long Path” (Shlavey HaSulam “Rungs of the Ladder” 1985/86, Article 26).

Before the elections in the US, I said that according to all the signs from the two candidates, Mitt Romney could push the world to correction via a shorter and more favorable path. My opinion has not changed today.

I explained that the matter is not in the political support of Israel. Just speaking about the preservation of a strong state of Israel, Romney would have allowed us to carry out the correction of the world from here that is not possible from America or any other place. Romney, by his actions, undoubtedly supports this process.

On the other hand, Obama has some other plans. I am not going to go into politics and discuss them, but we are yet to feel their results in Israel. The Americans will feel them as well because they go against the program of creation. They will face strong blows that are just beginning. This is the second path.

In my view, it is very natural. Until we have reached the end of correction, every time when we want something good, we get even more severe conditions of egoism. It is said in the Torah: “Come to Pharaoh, for I have hardened his heart.” After each plague, each action of the Creator, Moses and the Jews complained that they wanted to escape, to get out of these conditions.

What did the Creator do? He went to the next action, for example, left them without straw to make bricks, etc. This is a natural course of events, and it may be repeated a few times because for the time being we have not yet realized the evil fully to escape from Egypt and moreover to win over all those who have to come out with us. After all, today we stand on the threshold of the complete redemption of the world, not just the people of Israel.

So it is natural that Obama has succeeded. For our part, we had to stand up for Romney, as the necessary one and continue to request that the current approach uncover as many flaws as possible.

I have already explained Obama’s approach is not to support Israel. Maybe, he is right from all points of view. Perhaps, he is able to bring such arguments that we can only recognize their validity. But I am talking from the point of view of correcting the world. Obama does not know much about this, and yet to correct the world, the people of Israel must live on its land, grow, and become the real people as it was before the destruction of the Temple. It must reach this stage and correct the world as Baal HaSulam writes at the end of “Preface to The Book of Zohar.”

So, the next events in the world and the program of creation do not coincide with Obama’s plans. And that is why I am against him making decisions. In reality, the Creator determines everything, and the hearts of rulers are in His hands; however, the decisions will come through Obama as through the “evil angel,” but not the “good” one.

In the case with Romney, it is opposite. A simple thing is important here: He wants the people of Israel to live on their land. It does not matter what motivates him. The main thing is that it helps correction.

I repeat: It is natural that Romney was not elected. After all, we have not started the actual correction; we are still revealing evil. We certainly need a hard “catalyst” to reveal evil, and now we will get it.

Question: Wasn’t the winner in this election preordained by the Creator?

Answer: I don’t care. Even if I were informed in advance, nonetheless, I have to choose the path to correction that seems shorter to me. I do not play in secret knowledge, but carry out a game with myself: What do I choose? And my choice is completely independent of my political bias to Israel, of color, of Evangelicals, Mormons, etc. The only criterion is that with Mitt Romney we would have found ourselves in the conditions closer to correction, to unity, and to disseminating the science of Kabbalah from the land of Israel. That is all. Romney supports that more than Obama, and thus allows us to carry out correction. There are no other calculations. I do not care about their politics and their image; I am talking about the internal approach of each of them.

Question: Now that Obama is elected, that is, a long path, what can the world expect?

Answer: First of all, we have been speaking for a long time that the world is entering bad times. However, we do not want to scare people; on the contrary, our goal is to awaken and motivate them to action. We talked about the crisis years before it began officially, but the world was not ready to hear that. Two years ago, when everyone stated that the troubles were behind us, we explained that the crisis was not over. Today, they believe it will last another two, five, or ten years. It takes time for all this nonsense to dissipate from those “wise men.”

There will be a big confusion all over the world, in the US, Europe, China, and Israel. It is not simply a struggle between capitalism and socialism; the world is accelerating towards harsh, rapid, and difficult developments.

As for the Jews, there is nothing you can do; they always learn from hard blows. Weak blows do not work on them.

I hope that the American Jews will eventually feel that it is required to be attached to correction. Today, they feel themselves firstly Americans, then Jews, and in the end, perhaps feel some affiliation to Israel. And it is bad, and not by any national considerations, but in terms of correcting the world, and just because of that. Thus they will get blows. What else? To get out of exile, one must see all its forms opposite deliverance.

You can go the other way through awareness, through education, understanding what is happening. But they do not want to hear this, so they will have some problems…and anyway the whole world.

However, we hope that we will be able to sweeten and to accelerate the process. After all, we are not happy about that. We must understand that, ultimately, it is up to us. We have to play our part correctly because we have the method and the work entrusted to us. No matter how much we think about Romney and Obama, the Jews and Americans, the whole world, we first have to check whether we do everything possible.

We need to bring a very simple and optimistic message to the people of Israel: If it unites, then it will become a connecting link between this world and the spiritual world. Nothing else is required.

A magnifying glass can focus the sunrays so to start a fire. So the people of Israel should become such a focusing point, so that the upper Light passes through it and “ignites” the world. No one will do this, neither Obama nor Romney.

The world is like a shapeless mass, and Israel must be in the middle between it and the Creator. In other words, Israel should include both factors—the Creator and the world—bring them together, connect them, and take care of everyone. Israel corrects itself and attracts and motivates the whole world to bring pleasure to the Creator so that He is revealed in reality. Baal HaSulam writes about this in the article “The Arvut (Mutual Guarantee),” the Creator wants to bring pleasure to the whole world and that is our goal.

That is what we must realize. So, first of all, we need to focus on our inner work, devoting 99% of attention and leaving one percent for dissemination. Now is the time when we need to concentrate more internally.

I am very optimistic. We will succeed. Things become more distinct, prominent, so goes the analysis, and this is for the better.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 11/9/12, Shamati #115

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One Comment

  1. I honestly wish I could see what you see. As an American I saw Romney as a curse. He wanted to use the citizenry in order to increase the quality of life of a few people at the expense of all the rest. The same argument he accused Obama of.

    I don’t see what good would have come from Romney when even from his own mouth he stated that he would do things that were hurtful to the nation. If he had been president when our hurricane hit, by his own words (pledging to cut FEMA) our states would not have had the resources needed to respond effectively to the destruction.

    I don’t doubt you teacher Laitman. But I can’t agree with what I don’t understand.

    However, if an Obama victory leans our nation towards conflict with Israel, then it is an indication that we need to step up our dissemination. To increase the intensity of its quality. Since only the light that reforms has the power to transform such hatred.

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