Don’t Worry About The Masses Now, Work On Yourselves!

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Our group has existed for three years. Before, people would enter and leave the group until the group finally formed. Now we are at a point where there’s no longer an inflow of new strength. Can the reason for this be that we are so used to each other, we sense and feel each other like members of one family and we feel so good together that we don’t want to let anyone else in?

Answer: This can happen. I’m not entirely familiar with the situation to give you an answer. But everything has its time, so don’t worry. You should use this time to study more and to strengthen yourselves. I don’t think that now is the time to conduct wide dissemination. As far as I feel, the situation here is still quite lethargic. It’s best to wait. For the time being you should work on improving your connection with us, try to work more on the materials, translate books, and adapt the material for the local population. Maybe you’ll be able to write articles on the Internet or in small newspapers. Maybe you’ll be able to adapt them for your local population. I don’t think that many people will be joining you right now. After all, a point in the heart becomes revealed only when a person has reached a certain level of egoistic development, and it hasn’t happened here yet. Therefore, you should work more on yourselves.
From the Georgia Convention 11/06/12, Lesson 2

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