A Flood That Helps Me Exit Myself

Dr. Michael LaitmanA lot of work is required in order to attain the attribute of Bina, which means to attain freedom. So a person needs great support from the environment in order to constantly feel the greatness and importance of the goal.

The Creator can harden Pharaoh’s heart on the left line and send him questions like “Who is the Lord that I should listen to Him?” and “What is the work that you are doing?” according to how much he empowers this support. All these questions, doubts, and problems will increasingly take control of a person, until they become the “waters of the flood,” that are about to drown him.

Then he will have to seek refuge, and from fear and with the help of the environment, he will finally reach the conclusion that he can only be saved in the ark. The ark means unconditional bestowal, which is the only place one can hide from the flood.

“A person can feel constant wholeness since he is content with his fate.” But he doesn’t hide in the ark in order to be content, to feel peace, and to settle for less. His accounts are above his ego, above his desire to receive. He doesn’t take into account what will happen with his ego, with his desires, with his life. All the accounts are above that: only in order to connect, to unite, which means for what is outside his skin, besides his egoistic interests.

But all this happens if a person advances persistently and eventually reaches the conclusion that he needs an ark, that he must rise above the selfish calculations. The waters of the flood, the questions of “Who?” and “What?”, all come in order to help him detach himself from the calculations within his ego and to determine a connection with the inner point of the group.

In order to do that he needs the Creator’s help, to whom he turns with a prayer in order to advance and to connect more strongly with the group. “Many pennies add up to a big sum” in all this work, for “seven years of hunger.” But this is only if a person collects them by connecting all the obstacles and all his exertion to one goal, by constantly trying to fulfill the conditions that are revealed to him correctly. Then it is possible to say that he is advancing.

Just like the story about Noah, who doesn’t reach redemption immediately and at one time. It is a long story about how he builds the ark, how he comes to the decision that has to build an ark into which he collects all his attributes, all the levels of his desire, and only when all the desires and the ark are arranged, can a person hide in it.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/31/12, Writings of Rabash

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