The Power Of The Spiritual Level

Dr. Michael LaitmanFrom the “Light and Sun” by Rabbi Kalonymus Kalman Halevi (one of Noam Elimelech’s students): And what is more when Israel are unified and dealing with the Torah for its sake, they distinguish the names of the Holy Divinity by their speech and thus subdue all those that rise against them, and everything that they say, the Creator fulfills their desire.

We know that there is an additional power in unity, in addition to the usual sum of the individual forces, both evil and good. If we connect and unite in order to evoke and to attain the upper Light that should be revealed, in order to receive the force of bestowal, the attribute of bestowal, the upper force begins to operate among us and gives us the power of the spiritual level.

So if people who haven’t attained spirituality yet connect in order to attain it, by wanting the Holiness and the pure bestowal to dwell among them, they draw this attribute closer to them, obliging it to be spurred and to dwell among them. Thus they grow, by annulling all the evil decree, moving from the path of suffering to the path of the Light.
From the Preparation to the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 8/15/12

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