The Necessary Condition For The Rise

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Is it possible to designate one of the workshops at the convention to discuss the obstacles that prevent us from uniting? On one hand, it is an obstacle, but on the other hand, we need it since we have to be glad that we are opening the walls between us.

Answer: In no way should we talk about obstacles as preventing us from uniting. We call them obstacles because they seem to be such in our egoism. However, in reality, we accept them as a necessary condition for the ascent. It is impossible to rise without them.

We must accept them naturally, with happiness, since this is the only purpose for their existence. If a person is included in our upbringing and education, then, regardless of what obstacles he faces, he has a correct reaction to them, and he certainly is rising with their help. This is very important because the technique of the rise above the obstacles is the most useful one. There is no other way here in order to rise.
From the Virtual Lesson 8/12/12

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