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Dr. Michael LaitmanApparently, it is only natural that people today cannot get along. Nature has prepared an opportunity for us to coexist and live together, provided that we understand from the beginning that we enter into family life in order to rise above our nature, and that is what will help us succeed in everything and prepare us to enter into the world revealed before us now.

The family, married life, will become the school that prepares us for life. As a little child, brought up and taught in kindergarten, in the family, and at school is prepared to live in a large, adult world, so today, at home, in the family and marital relationships, we prepare ourselves to enter a new life.

There is no other framework that would be so natural and adapted to this purpose. If you explained this to all of humanity—which is in a ruined, torn state and sees so little happiness and joy in the family—then everyone would see the benefits of family life, and this would encourage people to marry.

After all, today, no matter whom you talk to, you would hear that people initially do not want to start a family, or they have tried to create it, became disappointed, and are on the verge of divorce. That is why we must explain to a person that, in such a way, through correcting the life in his family, he will achieve life in the corrected world, and without this, there is no way to reach a good life.

It is no accident that, in all ancient cultures and societies throughout the millennial history of humankind, the family has occupied such a huge and lasting place. Only in recent years has family life suddenly become destroyed. This is one of the signs that we have reached a condition that is obliging us to correct it ourselves.

We have never corrected the human being. We corrected our environment, society, and nature, building all kinds of support systems and developing technology, but today, we have evolved so much that we need not continue to improve it. This will not help us and will change nothing. Now, it has come to people themselves, and thus, today the family is collapsing.

In the old days, in many cases, unmarried people often were not accepted in responsible positions, including the studies of Kabbalah, but only those who lived a corrected family life because then they had to correct themselves constantly in this small internal laboratory and from this, the requirement stemmed.
From a “Talk on Integral Upbringing” 7/11/12

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