The End Of The Familiar World

Dr. Michael LaitmanA very important period is starting now; I would say a crucial one. The world is in great turmoil; it is becoming increasingly clearer that we are helpless before the blows of nature: human or environmental. People have no way of understanding their real reason or how to cope with them. The upper force generates all of these events, but we cannot tell people that.

So the convention in Kharkov should show us the level of unity we need to reach in order to overcome the crisis.  The world, in any case, should understand how to move forward.

After all, we are on the verge of difficult, critical states, and they will be disclosed at an accelerating pace. Each day we will face a new world, opposite from the one we knew the day before, and that requires a new understanding, and a new approach.

The familiar feeling will disappear, and I will feel that we are living in an unknown world that reveals a new, unexpected face to me each time. I try to hold on, to bring things back to the way they used to be, but those are futile attempts. It evades me and comes to me in an unfamiliar angle, in different relationships, in strange news that I cannot understand or digest. People’s behavior changes and so does their reaction to what is happening. I begin to sense a feeling of uncertainty.

What can we say about the experts in economics, politics, education, etc.? They will encounter even greater helplessness and confusion in their fields.

So we are the only system versed in all of humanity, which is in the forefront and can lead everyone in the right direction. Actually, this direction is not less logical than different speculations that stem from the crisis, confusion, and the total lack of understanding of the problem. We already understand the spiritual logic here; we’ve already felt the changes ourselves.

How can we present the message to the world? How can we make it common knowledge? It is a problem. But the moment our message is spread among the masses, their desire will become much softer and more flexible, and we will feel a greater responsibility that will be conveyed by those around us. Then we will raise “the prayer of many” together with them.

So, we need to disseminate, but in order to fulfill our dissemination we have to unite and to be strongly connected. In order to take care of people, we have to be strong in quality, not in quantity like they are. We have to acquire the same qualitative intensity as their quantitative intensity. This is the whole problem.

Question: How can we explain to people the essence of today’s changing chaotic states?

Answer: Everyone already feels it but cannot digest it. After all, people are living their daily lives; they are “putting out fires,” spinning in a wheel hoping for the better. This is their life, and the future depends on us to the extent that we disseminate the method of correction.

My concern is not whether they will receive it, but whether I will be ready. What’s more, we have to act very quickly.
From the 3rd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 8/16/12, The Study of the Ten Sefirot

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