The Creator In The Form Of A Friend

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How can we tune into the convention? What can we do to arrive there already hot, to start feeling everyone from the beginning?

Answer: To do this, you need to read all Rabash’s articles again about the work in the group, cancelling yourself before the others, viewing them as at the great ones who are in complete correction, and accepting each friend as a great Kabbalist.

We must try to see beyond all the words that you hear from a friend that seem silly to you, and to see that the Creator speaks to you through him. If you become connected in this way, you begin to see inside him what is really beyond him.

You just have to break this egoistic picture depicting to you that they understand and know nothing, who they are, etc. You need to see through them as a manifestation of the upper force. This is possible when you look at them as if you have blurred focus, and you really start to see commonality and the Creator.

Question: Do I prepare myself to see anyone in this way, or in general, everyone in the whole room?

Answer: In general, the hall, and anyone. You must look at all those who participate in the convention, who somehow suddenly got there, as at those who were brought there by the Creator.

Comment: But at the convention in Vilnius, you said that a person naturally sorts people: He likes some, does not like others, and most he doesn’t see at all.

Answer: This is just at the beginning, before the first inclusion, and then all these physical differences disappear. Then, he begins to see that all this is one system, a single image.
From a Virtual Lesson 7/29/12

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