Not By Quantity But By Quality

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Not many are attracted to the wisdom of Kabbalah today. Should we expect the awakening of new points in the heart according to our dissemination?

Answer: I don’t have an accurate answer for this question. I don’t want to say anything that Kabbalists didn’t write about. But you should understand that there is a hero in quantity and there is a hero in quality. It says: “You are the fewest of all the people.” So in the future there will also be few people, like the members of our groups all over the world and also “fans,” outer circles, that are not aimed at the wisdom of Kabbalah directly, but who listen to and support us and feel close to us.

We are very few, but strong and powerful in height, in understanding, in recognition, in our connection with Godliness. Through us, like through lightning, the forces will flow down to earth, the recommendations, the plans and events for the general public. Then when they will have no choice or perhaps because they may believe us, people will get used to our message.

If there is one sighted person who is leading a group of blind people, Baal HaSulam says they can follow him and be sure they will reach the goal. I don’t think anything will seriously change in this scenario.

We give lectures and hold roundtables, open courses, but not in order to bring people closer, not in order to draw them to our lines. On the contrary, we should work in their “territory,” and convey the general, “popular” method of correction to them and not our special method. Masachim (screens), Lights, vessels, Partzufim, restrictions, all this isn’t for them. People only need to know about the general connection that would ease the corporeal life.

This is our message to the public. We shouldn’t “inject” Kabbalah and the high material into them. We should speak to people at eye level, at the “pulse of his heart,” about what worries him: the education of his children, his daily troubles, etc.

We should emphasize and evoke his deficiency a little and show him that we can calm him and fill him by our method.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 8/1/12, “Introduction to The Book of Zohar

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