Instructors Of Integral Education: Worth Their Weight In Gold

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Should we prepare those who now are taking the course in integral education to become instructors?

Answer: Absolutely! The method of changing a person must serve all of humanity. Everyone who understands, knows, and knows how to teach this method will be viewed as a public treasure.

They will be needed at any enterprise, in manufacturing, government, school, and family, as family counselors, psychologists, and so on. People will need them.

That is why we just need to educate instructors from our friends who are studying both Kabbalah and the method of integral education. They are the foundation, the source through which the upper force will act on the entire world.

People will feel this. Each person will be worth his weight in gold. He will be appreciated greatly and be extremely popular. That is why we must prepare them as teachers, tutors of integral education, and for all ages, for both men and women.
From a Fundamentals of Kabbalah Lesson 7/15/12

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