Giving The World A Push Towards The Good

Dr. Michael LaitmanWe need to accelerate time. On the eve of the High Holidays in Israel, we must be prepared to use this time properly.

There comes a special period, leading to the correct understanding of the crisis around the world. So, what we talked about a few years ago, today finally gets on the pages of newspapers. Hopefully, people will feel the seriousness of the situation.

We do not want them to suffer, but we want them to understand. And it depends on us. An empty stomach and an empty pocket, and the oppressive anxiety for the future of the children, all this we have to translate into understanding. After all, the state of crisis comes from great mercy; it comes from the Creator who wishes only thereby to raise us to the good and abundance.

We are entering a very unusual state and must conduct aggressive dissemination without a second thought. Today, we take off the white gloves and do not compromise. Of course, we must act respectably, as it is customary in society, and at the same time, as openly as possible, using all forms of delivery and opportunities.

This will save us. We need to push the word, so that it pulls us forward, and our success is founded in this. All of our past efforts have been the preparation for the attack that begins today and continues tomorrow. And then we will succeed.

We must unite in order to become a powerful force and pull the world with us. It is easy to escape from responsibility, but we should not allow any excuses for realizing what, in total, Baal HaSulam writes about in all his articles.

The past, present, and future should be linked into one. We ourselves, our center, the groups in Israel and around the world, as well as the general population need to be joined into a single system and given a sustained momentum, having connected them all together. This is the only way we will succeed. This is our work, our purpose.

Today, what we talked about has come true, but not in dramatic forms. Let’s hope that we can avoid this drama, that people will sweeten what is happening with their reason and feelings, will understand the situation, will not immerse themselves in great physical suffering, and will sort out through the spiritual analysis and will go the quick, easy way, instead of a long and heavy one. This is what lies before us.

That is why we need great anxiety, great care about the world. We are not happy that the troubles of others confirm that we were right. We are pleased that this state has come, and now we can turn it into a remarkable path, a wonderful ascent.

It is in our hands. We must not lose focus. We must take the world by the hand and rise together with it to the Creator.
From A Conversation During the Meal Commemorating the Death of the Ari, 7/25/12

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