Don’t Be Ashamed To Play

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe first spiritual degree is the most difficult. What labor a small child goes through to take his first steps. How much work it is for him to grasp something, to say the first word. How much internal effort nature makes him apply. Why? Why can’t we develop peacefully, freely?

Look how young children work non-stop, seven days a week. A child may have a high fever, and he still plays, still wants something. No disturbances, nothing stops him; he is so stubborn and persistent. And we need to follow his example. We must do the same thing to enter the upper world, to become grown-ups.

Well, after all this is known and understood, even if not fully, yet. The same child who already knows how to walk and talk, at the age of four, five, six years, starts a completely different process of acquiring knowledge, with more awareness. Here in the process of attaining the upper state, we obtain more conscious tools. We have already passed the first stage, already know how to connect, with whom to “play,” like a child who at the age of three acquires a sense of those around him and starts to understand a little that it is better to play with others than on his own.

Thus, we develop relationships with others: how we can interact with them, how it is possible to develop really wisely, mutually, by building our “games.”

That’s why we play around a lot. It seems to be nonsense, but in fact, they are very serious games. We do not want this, we feel ridiculous. After all, we are adults, serious people! What do we do? Is it worth spending time on?

In fact, yes, if we understand that the development of new properties at each stage of the process occurs in the same way as in children; in play, in workshops, in all kinds of joint actions, we have the opportunity to come closer to each other and thus to attract the upper Light to us.

Although our egoistic mind sees these actions as irrational, non-serious, and childish, in fact, they are the highest exercises because we want to go against our nature.

Then, having ascended to the first level, we get a substantial recharge of the mind, understanding of the initial scheme, like a small child who is already versed in our world and to some extent understands what is good and bad, how to move further, where to take toys and how to use them, how to develop, learning something new, etc. The child begins to understand how to use the adult world for his further advancement. Similarly, are we in relation to the upper world.

Thus, the important thing for us is to climb to the first degree. After that, everything will be clear to us, understood. After that, no one will run away from our groups and return to that life again because in this life he did not have the patience to discover the top layer.

We have to hurry to reach that level, so we can help everyone else. For this purpose, we received an awakening to the next level. Our task is to reveal it, to achieve it. To the extent that we strive to make this effort for the sake of everyone else, it will be a manifestation of our attraction to bestowal. Thus, we will receive an even greater portion of the upper Light.
From the Kharkov Convention “Uniting to Ascend” 8/17/12, Lesson 1 

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