Attaining Unity

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe only thing influencing us is the Light. It gives us energy and, on one hand, it can be a “perpetual motion” engine for us, or on the other hand, it can move away from us, in which case we fall and become weaker, even to a state where our animate, biological existence ends. All of this is the Light. All occurrences taking place inside us, both positive and negative, are the Light’s influence.

Therefore, we can’t our talk our way out of anything whether it’s physiological or any other types of problems. Aim everything only at the Light. If it is closer, things will be good, and if it is farther away – things will be bad. And it’s that way with regard to absolutely everything. Everything taking place inside of us, like in a vessel, happens only due to the Light’s influence.

The Light is one; it is simply the will to bestow, the will to fulfill, the will to love. And the more we discern and analyze what “one” means and how to become similar to it, the faster we will reach the goal.

Fine, I remember that it’s the Light doing this to me, that it is placing various obstacles before me. And what next? Next, we have to analyze that unity: How we can acquire it when we unite together despite all of our “rough angles”?

I study how the Creator plays with me, giving me thoughts, desires, opportunities, and chance occurrences. And when I try to find Him behind all of this, I begin to see how He influences me. This is already an analysis of the soul rather than personality. After all, everything that relates to the Creator’s influence on me and my influence on Him forms my soul within me, bringing it to the surface. And vice versa, everything that is simply connected with others but does not include the Creator’s Light, relates to the body on the spiritually still or animate level.
From the 2nd lesson at the Kharkov Convention, 8/17/12

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