An Endless Road

Dr. Michael LaitmanBaal HaSulam, “Introduction to The Book of Zohar,” item 55: This is because he attains the Lights and degrees of his soul, called NRNHY, according to the measure of the purity of his will to receive. And with each degree he attains, the Lights of that degree assist him in his purification. Thus, he rises in degrees until he achieves the amusements of the final aim in the Thought of Creation.

Question: Is the level of “to receive in order to bestow” meant for every soul?

Answer: Yes and no. It can also be attained indirectly by incorporation, since we are talking about an analog system that is perfect and integral in which everyone is connected to everyone else and the general pattern is in everyone like in a holographic picture.

The whole point is what my role in this picture is: Am I part of the “leg,” of the “head,” the “heart,” or another organ in the general “body”? I will definitely attain everything, but I attain my part in the system actively by operating independently.

I have my own deficiency and also the deficiency I acquire from everyone else. There is myself that stems from my element and there is everyone else. So our attainment is not identical. Everyone attains the whole system as a whole and is in Ein Sof (Infinity), but at the same time everyone “envies” the others since everyone has a different starting point. This also requires work and correction.

Then we rise to such a level, which in the meantime, we know nothing about. The development continues and disappears somewhere. The vessels will have to grow and turn into something that we don’t know…

Question: Why does a person have to attain the thought of creation?

Answer: Because this is the desire of the upper, of the Creator, since the thought of creation is the Creator.

Our words are inaccurate, but we have to use them. It says that there is an unattainable reality called the Creator. He is unattainable, but there is the thought of creation, which means His attitude towards us.

As a result of His thought about us, something was done. He created a desire to receive and did different things with it. But the point is not that we should stay in this desire to receive. The desire and the Light are the only two attributes—receiving and bestowal, which He has chosen in order to eventually raise us above both of them.

This means that we rise not only above receiving, but also above bestowal, because one will not be able to exist without the other. We have to understand His thought of creation and rise even higher to what we cannot speak about today because we don’t know what it is.

This is the way of attainment that leads us to an unknown end. In our desires we cannot even attain anything higher then them, while here we speak about something that is beyond Gmar Tikkun (the end of correction). Still we have to understand that this is where the goals that truly match the Creator are. By clarifying the process we go through, we have to say that His attitude towards us is not below the level He is on and about which we know nothing, since even the roots our branches stem from are not derived from it.

So by knowing this we should also understand where we are today.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 8/01/12, “Introduction to the Book of Zohar

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