A Person Doesn’t Have A Choice

Dr. Michael LaitmanOpinion (Vasily Klucharev, a neuroeconomics researcher at the University of Basel, Switzerland): “By studying the activity of neurons, neuroeconomists come to the conclusion that a human being is not free in making decisions: They are predetermined. If some information is given at the entrance (the brain), the output will turn out a quite predictable result. There is a certain predetermined decision-making mechanism.

“From the neurobiological point of view, a decision is a pattern of neuronal activity. Our brain receives very “noisy” information at the entrance; it makes sense to save it in time, integrate it, and only after a certain threshold to opt for the best solution. If we follow this neural model, which accumulates information, compares alternatives, and based on that decision makes our decision, the notion of “freedom” disappears. In this regard, every human being is a sort of puppet.

“In my opinion, the idea of freedom is a kind of social illusion. This is not a new idea. If we turn to the works of Spinoza, Kant, we find the same views, only presented from a philosophical position. I like Spinoza’s expression: ‘A man deceives himself, talking about freedom. He just does not know the real causes of his behavior.’”

My Comment: Kabbalah speaks of the illusion of freedom on the first pages of the textbook for beginners because its first task is to bring people to the condition in which a person develops freedom of decision and action. However, such conditions arise during the study of Kabbalah as a method of correcting our egoistic nature to the opposite, altruistic nature through awaking in oneself the force of bestowal—the Light.

Only to the extent of the manifestation in a person of the property of bestowal along with the property of reception, the two opposite properties, strengths, and qualities, does a person get an opportunity to act freely in their right combination, in the middle line.

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