Turning Yourself Into A Point In The Sky

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What does it mean to become “ready for correction”?

Answer: A person ready for correction is the one who has reached this state and, according to his properties and the law of the equivalence of form, is able to sense some new, special phenomenon. It’s when he sees that it could not come naturally, but only as a result of the relationship between the two, the upper one and the lower one.

We need to understand that there are the Creator and the creature, and an abyss separates them! There is no connection between them. And only to the extent to which the creature shows its readiness to become like the Creator, to that extent will it sense the Creator within itself.

This readiness is given as special good luck, good fortune, to the extent of one’s willingness to cancel oneself and bow, if he is willing to continue on this path no matter what might happen. He can check whether he is still on the correct path, whether he fits this group (although, how much the group fits him depends on him as well), and if he does not abandon his efforts and continues, he will attain spiritual revelation.

But a person does not know from where it will be revealed. Our earthly minds and hearts can never know about the next states. They are always revealed so suddenly and in such an unpredictable form that it is impossible to expect them in advance. After all, we acquire a new nature. That is why if one continues faithfully and with perseverance, if he goes, bowing his head and valuing the greatness of spirituality, he will reach the goal.

Now, you have neither the feeling nor the mind to understand what was said, but you will acquire the feeling and the mind by virtue of going like “an ox under the yoke and a donkey carrying the load.” Nothing more is required from us! We will receive everything else, the whole vessel, from Above.

The whole difficulty of our work is that we have to work as if in one place, and revelation is received in the other. I will not get the next stage in my egoistic desires of today, or my earthly feelings and mind, or even in my spiritual attainment with which I am already at some step of the spiritual ladder.

I reach it only because I cleave to it and nullify myself so that big and strong as I am, I turn into a tiny drop of semen and become included in the upper degree. That is why, if you ask how you can reach spiritual revelation, the answer is: “By turning yourself into a point….”

“Good fortune” does not mean winning it like  with the lottery, but what is called: “I have labored and I found!” It happens in every moment; I put effort and “find” something in a totally different place. It really falls on me from Above like a gift. This is called “good fortune” that you do not expect in advance. You may wait for something, but not in the form that you will receive it.
From the 5th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 7/6/2011, “Matan Torah (The Giving of the Torah)”

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  1. This is what I feel or go through all the time, but only when I make an effort to study or analyze myself or my reality and ask questions and look deeply into things. Everytime I do it, I get close to the truth or a new perception that is clearer or revelation of how things are appears. The funny thing is, I never know what it is going to be, it always surprises me, but it is guaranteed that it happens. I found the best way, is to write it down when it happens and then look back and see how the perceptions develop. I am trying to do this now and it is helping with my studies. It seems like I can see reality unfold in these “good fortunes.”

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