The Problem Is Who We Forget

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe problem is that we constantly forget about the Creator! It is clear that we work in the group. After all, it is written that everything depends upon it, and only there do we have freedom of will. Only in the group can I do what depends on me.

Dissemination is another way. We understand that if we disseminate widely, we will absorb the aspirations of everyone else and pass desires to one another. But behind all these actions of study, dissemination, and the group, we forget that we only do them to please the Creator. We lose this notion. We do not perceive Him and therefore, it’s as if He doesn’t exist for us.

Sometimes we remember Him and think: “Fine, I will get to this sometime later.” But this is not right as I am no longer aiming straight at the target like an arrow! Even the smallest personal effort must be accompanied by an intention, when “the end result is in its initial thought.” I do everything solely in order to please the Creator, even though I neither know who He is nor feel Him at first.

But as it is written in Psalms, I am always “by night on my bed,” which means that I lie flat in the state when the “head” and the “feet” (all the Sefirot) are on the same level, and there is nothing, neither mind nor sensations; I’m in absolute darkness. And still, I “seek him whom my soul loves.”

And even though I do not know where to look and what this is, I still artificially tune myself into this search over and over again, and I gradually begin to receive some kind of impressions. It begins to work.

We need to attract the Surrounding Light specifically by directing all the actions to giving contentment to the Creator. Otherwise it will be considered that you have started an action but have not completed it. It will not give you the necessary result.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 7/5/2011, Shamati #5

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