The Last Disappointment Before A Joyous Encounter

Dr. Michael LaitmanWhen the Creator sends us suffering, it is His way of giving us clues that we will be unable to receive pleasure directly. After all, the purpose of creation was to make man equal to the Creator, as perfect as Him, and not just be a simple receiver!

Only those who pertain to the still, vegetative, and the animate levels simply receive from Him nothing more than what they need “for life.” But man, Adam, means “similar to the Creator” (Dome). Hence, the still, vegetative, and animal levels simply live their lives, and all the suffering they sometimes experience is the fault of man who does not carry out his purpose.

As to man, he always suffers…. He is unable to fulfill himself, and his entire development is the constant growth of the desire to receive pleasure, which keeps becoming bigger and clearer, forcing man to constantly pursue new types of fulfillment.

He constantly hopes that he is about to receive fulfillment, but every time he is left with nothing. And at the end he becomes completely disappointed and suddenly understands that he is no longer able to continue the same way! He stops believing that he is able to achieve anything in this life with its egoistic approach and constant pursuit of pleasure.

All of this was arranged ahead of time, with the intention to have man turn around and, instead of searching for a way to fulfill his desire, to start looking for a way to acquire the form of the Light, the form of the Host, that is, instead of wanting to receive Light itself, for him to want to acquire its qualities—the qualities of the Creator.

But the form of the Host, the form of the giver, must clothe in the desire of the creature. And for this reason, the aspiration to bestow, this bestowing form which dresses itself in the desire to receive pleasure, is called the “screen” and the “Reflected Light.” This is the new, non-egoistic approach man must come to once he completely becomes disappointed in his ability to fulfill himself egoistically.

For this he needs to change his entire approach to life, and instead of pursuing pleasure, to start pursuing the Creator’s image, which would dress into him. In this case, the desire to receive pleasure, which has restricted its egoism and armed itself with a screen and the Reflected Light, will acquire the same form as the Creator, the desire to bestow. And then the upper Light will robe itself in the egoistic desire in the form of bestowal on man’s part, directed back to the Creator.

There, inside this desire to receive pleasure, inside man himself, their encounter will take place—the encounter of man and the Creator. And this is why the Creator is named “Boreh” (“come and see”). After all, you reveal Him within you and nowhere else.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 7/8/2011, Writings of Rabash

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  1. There are many ways to feel suffering. When the majority of my life was spent in self concern the suffering was very intense and long lasting and I was like a rag in the mouth of a great beast who was shaking me from side to side after catching me in the wilderness and I prayed for a little peace between shakings .
    I was disoriented yet knew there was some kind of purpose for it and I couldn’t completely escape but there was no clarity or focused direction that I could imagine to take.

    Gradually a focus formed and the “beast” put me down, as it were, and I came to a clearing where a group and a teacher and lessons appeared along with a choice to connect to the truth and correction. Now, I’m not in the proverbial wilderness and the suffering is like hearing a beast in the far distance, it creates a small disturbance but I’m surrounded by the strength of many and the period of pain is very short and I am not disoriented in the process! Thank you to all the kabbalists, members, teachers past and present of Benei Baruch for clarifying our path to the Creator.

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