The Last Convulsions Of The Old Civilization

Dr. Michael LaitmanOpinion: (Yuriy Yakovets, a professor at the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences; Alexander Ageev, President of the International Futures Research Academy, “The crisis was predictable, inevitable, and, indeed, necessary for clearing out the obsolete. This is the birth of a new world; this is not the apocalypse, but the momentum for a global revolution, which will result in the formation of the integral civilization.”

“We have been studying the general law of compression of historical time, described by Vladimir Vernadsky as being particularly felt during the change of generations. We expected the current crisis; however, before the potential of the old system has not been “spent,” it cannot be replaced with another system. Only by forming the image of the future, for which we want to live for, we will be able to respond to the challenges we face.”

My comment: I’m burning with the desire to offer them the knowledge of Kabbalah, but they are in crisis and will not be able to hear and pay attention to it until the crisis forces them to open their eyes and ears and to grasp the higher objectives, goals, and implementation strategy.

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