The End Of The Pretty Model Of European Union

Opinion: (М. Khazin, financial analyst, “Jean-Claude Trichet, a longstanding head of the European Central Bank, has called for more rigorous budgetary control. He said that the EU had shown ‘gross negligence’ by not respecting the European Stability and Growth Pact which limits the size of budget deficits. Why? The pact infractions were necessary to continue welfare benefits.…

“But then, under conditions of falling demand, the standard of living will fall as well. In other words, his appeal is pure demagogy: He gives intentionally unrealistic advice to “keep his hands clean.” Why was he silent when the states and the citizens were taking knowingly bad loans? Trichet justifies himself by saying that he had nothing to do with it: “I told them, but they wouldn’t listen to me….

“Germany is the main exporter to the US from the EU and therefore, can afford more than the rest of the EU countries. However, with falling demand in the US, its condition will deteriorate. The EU has built a pretty model based on growing demand in the US, which is built on the dollar emission, not the euro. But now the “joy” is over, while the desire to save the model built in the EU remains. Yet, it is impossible.…”
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  1. Isn’t this pure left line from below? With no mitigation whatsoever? It is known by these great “calculators” that only three countries would survive the so-called-incoming economic world crisis: China, India and Israel. The only 3 debt-less nations of the world, with strong, living, true economies.
    Within their earth based “algorithms”, the main issue is the debt in money. The Israeli debt. is about 42% per citizen. USA and Europe are drowned with more than 100% per citizen. They are exhausted nations, in money. Yet powerful In might and alternatives. The other nations are simply non existing on this money battlefield (not by their properties): These are depending, corrupted nations, stuck at the vegetative level, with only the tools of the vegetative level. They count for nothing on this respect. No one wants to hear about their failure. There is no need to fear them. Even Iran is doomed and its rotting will follow closely Egypt’s and Syria’s, all for the good. Turkey is smartly flowing according to the current wind: smart behavior. Abbas, Hamas and Hibulah have shown their evil face in front of the world. The capital is flying out of Egypt at a rate of 500 millions dollars per week. They will be totally broke soon. Out of 80 millions Egyptians, 32 millions are illiterate. What can they do beside eating each others? The same process is taking speed in Syria. Syrian people are paying a tough price before Him. Good will arise.
    A harsh correction: no money, no army, no war. Most likely civil war that will allow the intrusion of the west, and force a risk taking position of the wealthy arab nations, as it is seen in Libya. North African countries show stability and determination. Good. For everything that is taken out, something is added. And the immense benefit to all brought by smart capitalists is just overshadowed by the growing ever desires of the malchut de malchut people, whining on the side of the road, far from the path. Communication, world wide are emphasizing this effect. One wicked in a crowd of 1000 and we hear only his shouts. But the half-wicked are shame of him. This is the work of G-d. And it is good that does good, in all, without a single little piece to be retrieved. The law is the same for all: be corrected or face correction. “Do not make justice to the poor out of his misery” said Shlomo. The world is getting corrected at an increasing rate. The Good, will always prevail as it is a simple matter of the upper quality, and no human, no crowd can do anything about it. This world is an incredibly better place than it was just 1 year ago. The equilibrium will move and extend its arms and fingers, and give feet blows, here and there, for the good, as it is reauired, but the levels they remain at their place. It is more like a global melting where each parts of humanity is forced to offer the best aspects of its culture, where each wicked is obligated to show his face, so the best spark will ignite. It is a beautiful world getting better and better. Impossible? Well what is impossible? Nothing is impossible. What we see, it is the failure of the weakest nation’s to get corrected, and nature is taking care of that. How could we help them hurrying out of trouble?. We are safe. It is all good that does good, everywhere, everytime, in the detail and in the general. There is none else beside Him. As you taught us. The question is:

    How can we help them in their unreachable levels? Not by money, but with the wisdom. How? Some words are worth, hundred thousands, maybe billions of sheklim. One shekel is a segula. How? How to extend the words in those low and dark levels? Sometimes I dream. This is our responsability. How? How to incarnate this partzuf? We would need to talk with them. Foolish! Which is the blessing of the friends.

    One single egoistical desire of one single beast caught in fire, spread the harsh, ignorant and destructive fire of his egoism all over the place. This is the hand of His ministers. What could do the spreading of a man’s single corrected desire? Could be huge, and probably not that difficult as a dry soil hates the cloudless wind and is craving for water. How?

    HaKol tuv rav vHaverim

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