Stop Looking At The World Through A Torn Curtain!

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What sentence can I write in front of me in capital letters so that every time I get distracted and my thoughts wander, I could come back to it and refocus again?

Answer: Imagine a state that is worth constantly aspiring to, and describe it so this sentence would immediately remind you that you perceive reality as divided and broken up into different parts only because you are inside of egoism.

As soon as you discard this view through your ego, everything becomes a single whole. It’s like you are looking at reality through a curtain that has small holes in it and what you see seems to be made up of separate parts. But then you remove this curtain from your eyes and all of reality turns out to be one.
From the 2dn part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 7/28/11, The Zohar

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  1. “There is none else beside Him” is simple and effective.

  2. I am thinking long and hard about my past and lack of family in my life because they are abusive people. And I’m thinking that God does everything for a reason and things that seem bad are not really bad. They have their purpose. And, I’m thinking that God gave me an abusive family so that all the people in the world outside of my family are an opportunity to look past the hatred, where most people would learn to hate others because of abuse, and love others whom I don’t get anything back from in the world. Because they are not family and are not there to look out for me, etc. That each time I have loved another person in the world outside of my family, it is because God has given that opportunity to me like a milliion different gifts. Because if someone is able to love others despite hatred around them ( in my case, my family), then that is one of the greatests gifts you can get from God. To love above hatred and to be able to love even more than just a few people if things had been different. And would you say that this is “seeing” the Creator?

  3. Looking at the bad as a positive, isn’t it great love from God to be able to be put in a situation, like mine is for myself, where I would otherwise easily want to be selfish and think only of myself. And, instead be able to want to give to others.

    Are there degrees of bestowal that are great according to how hard it is to love for that particular person. Does it mean the greater the degree of the struggle to overcome, does it mean the greater the degree of bestowal?

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