Questions About My Wife, Desire, And Revelation Of Kabbalah

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: I would like to know why your wife does not attend the conventions. Does your wife and sons study Kabbalah?

Answer: She is accustomed to studying and always being present through a virtual connection. She believes that this way she can see, hear, and better participate as a woman.

Question: How do I prepare a place for the Creator to be revealed?

Answer: You have to prepare a desire for it, meaning a desire to obtain the quality of bestowal. It is because the Creator, the quality of bestowal and love, is revealed in a person when he or she yearns for it. Our entire work is to desire. The group, the teacher, and the study are designed to form a desire in oneself.

Question: At the convention in St. Louis you said that Americans have to tell the world about Kabbalah, emphasizing their special role in revealing it to the world. But then you said the same about Russian people that suffered more than others and through this acquired particular sensitivity to reveal and disseminate Kabbalah. Besides this, the main part in the revelation of Kabbalah to humanity is assigned to the Jews who have to become the Light for the nations of the world.

I am confused: Through whom will Kabbalah be revealed to the world finally?

Answer: It will be revealed through every nation and every person to the extent of their efforts to connect with others and in accordance with their natural talents and faculties.

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