Quarreling For The Sake Of Making Up

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What should I do if I am able to cancel myself in my thoughts, but it’s very difficult for me to do this in practice?

Answer: That’s impossible! If I really cancel myself in my thoughts, then I also do it in the actions. The action reflects the intention.

But if I still haven’t reached the final decision to cancel myself, then I am unable to carry out this action and am only lying to myself by thinking that I am cancelling myself in the thoughts.

If we see that after an argument a group does not come to unity, until the next quarrel, this is a sign that its members do not cancel each other before one another and don’t have any chance of attaining spirituality.

By conducting an inner self-analysis and trying to cancel our egoism before the friends, internally and externally, we already carry out the spiritual work. The spiritual world can become revealed to us practically only on the condition that we entirely cancel our egoism according to the level of our current degree.

If you now attain the true self-annulment in relation to any person, you will be convinced that you feel yourself in the spiritual reality, in the quality of bestowal, united with the Creator to a certain extent!
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 7/17/11, Writings of Rabash

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  1. Shalom rav vHaverim

    As long as there is “a certain extent”, then I am convinced that I feel myself in the spiritual reality, in the quality of bestowal. There is simply no question about it.

    But the issue is this “certain extent”. It is a path. One step after the other. Better than yesterday, hopefully even better tomorrow.

    There is such a level of purity and highness in just the texts that the sages transmitted us that even though “I am convinced”, I am convinced as well of my littleness. The only thing I have is this desire. That is all.

    “There is a Taam after “do not”, with, for instance, “thou shall not still” meaning that it is permitted, because without this gift, the world could not be, as a simple student would not be allowed to still the knowledge in the spirit of his master”. How mysterious and beautiful. What a high and concealed truth is expressed here. This is Yitro if I remember. How could I lie to me before such greatness, such essence?

    There is a desire and there is a Torah and there is a rav and all the rest is not. Dress the table north and place always delicacies on it, and never mix it with..

    A precious advice you are providing once again: “If I really cancel myself in my thoughts, then I also do it in the actions”. How true! What a way to go. But no lies.
    at the maximum extent of my comprehension, which is far from enough: no lies. A lie is a weapon that kills. If the angel of Death had a gun, it would shoot lies.

    There is this gap, for me alone as like before an abyss when there is no bridge and no one to help me cross: then there is no one to let me cross and there is no bridge for me to pass. And this is good that does good.

    I remember Tony telling me “get a grip”, as we were talking about some issue of having a pistol on one’s temple.

    I can not jump that abyss because there are some issues that cant be talked out.
    How to say?

    As you say, “If I really cancel myself in my thoughts, then I also do it in the actions”. But I just can not do this for now as an ABSOLUTE law that would override everything else. I will ever want to, I am working hard on it, by your blessings, by the light you extend on me, and the friends and all. But this absoluteness is crippled by facts I consider exisitings.

    Surely I feel a great sorrow, hidden, concealed, and I can locate that sorrow, see it, not being able to trust you on the word. It is sad. Any student lucky enough to be able to live close to your organization should do all that is in is power to overcome any interference, because this is the way and there are no others, and nothing in the world is more precious than your teaching, the Torah revealed, and there is no poetry in that, just the simple expression of a simple fact and it is certainly not a voucher.

    I am escaping with these words, like a thief.

    HaKol tuv dear rav VHaverim

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