Mutual Guarantee On A Silver Platter

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Can we present mutual guarantee to people as a guarantee of security?

Answer: Possibly, yes. If you find a direct, understandable connection that equates mutual guarantee to security, you will have an opportunity to turn to the nation with an appeal to unite together as one man with one heart, in mutual love, above all the differences between us.

Go ahead, act, but under an indispensable condition: Your words have to convince people that one can put an equation sign between mutual guarantee and security. Essentially, our promise has to satisfy a certain desire of theirs:

  • Mutual guarantee = security;
  • Mutual guarantee = cheap goods;
  • Mutual guarantee = freedom;
  • Mutual guarantee = a good climate.

It’s not important what it is in particular, but the idea of them being identical has to be there. This is the basis of the advertisement, agitation, and approach to people.

Then we should study the needs of different circles we would like to approach and to prepare accordingly. We are not going to sell them yet another product. On the contrary, we will hand a gift to them on a silver platter, a real “work of art.” It will be like a spiritual formula for babies, and they will only have to open their mouths. This is what they need to feel: There is no need for any effort, just receiving a gift.

You start with something small: “Let’s watch a movie, visit an Internet site, or read a book.” It’s not even an action; it’s just passive participation. It’s another thing to press on a button: This is a problem, it’s hard work for a person. By himself, he would keep pressing on it the entire day, but when you are offering it to him, doing it even once becomes a serious challenge.

We should take into account man’s nature and use presentation methods that attract him: films, performances, and songs, everything that can become a nice packaging for our message so that it will be gradually absorbed. But in one way or the other, the message has to be close to man and his desires.

Circulation is a fine matter, and we must become experts in it.
From the 5th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 7/12/2011, “Matan Torah (The Giving of the Torah)”

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