It’s Not A Game, But Signs Along The Path

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Why do I see the Creator as divided into so many different forces? Is it so I could relate Him to my different desires and qualities and perceive Him?

Answer: This is correct. When my ego, the desire to receive pleasure, imagines itself to be above the Creator, it begins to imagine idols instead of Him. Basically, it imagines some other forces, not the Creator exactly.

I see the imprint of my uncorrected egoistic desire as “other gods.” When I am not in the state of bestowal regarding a certain desire, when I fail to act in a corrected form, then the form in which my desire paints the Creator to me is called “idols.”

This is the difference between the ten impure Sefirot (Klipa) and the ten Sefirot of sanctity (bestowal). When I, looking through them from my corrupted Malchut, imagine Keter to be corrupted, this is called “other gods,” idols. And the way I see Keter when I look at it from the corrected Malchut is called the Creator.

The Creator corresponds to the spiritual degree at which I am able to connect with Him and reveal Him. But it is that same upper force, albeit relative to my degree. This is why “idols” are corrupted forms in which I imagine the single upper force, according to the way my ego paints it within my faults.

For this reason, if a person relates to the forms of these “idols” correctly, they will turn into road signs for him. He will understand that nothing is created in vain, and he will be able to advance specifically due to these forms. As it is written, Pharaoh brings us closer to the Creator.

I draw closer to the truth specifically by moving from one fake idol to another! Regardless of how unpleasant and opposite to the true state it is, we can work specifically with this oppositeness. This is because we do not yet have a connection with bestowal, “sanctity.”
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 7/7/2011, Shamati #15

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  1. This is true. When I look back on things that made me suffer in the past, they no longer look bad or the same. It is all part of a bigger process and design of the Creator. Everything is precisely as it should be. Even though, when I was suffering, I did not see this.

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