Investing In Egoism Is Like Giving An Injection Into A Prosthesis

Dr. Michael LaitmanOpinion: (Michael Lewis, the author of the bestseller about Wall Street Liar’s Poker, in the article on Greece and a culture of corruption): “What great people!” They do not share the sentiment about one another: the hardest thing to do in Greece is to get one Greek to compliment another behind his back.

No success of any kind is regarded without suspicion. Everyone is pretty sure everyone is cheating on his taxes, or bribing politicians, or taking bribes, or lying about the value of his real estate.

And this total absence of faith in one another is self-reinforcing. The epidemic of lying and cheating and stealing makes any sort of civic life impossible; the collapse of civic life only encourages more lying, cheating, and stealing. Lacking faith in one another, they fall back on themselves and their families.

The structure of the Greek economy is collectivist, but the country, in spirit, is the opposite of a collective. Its real structure is every man for himself. Into this system investors had poured hundreds of billions of dollars. And the credit boom had pushed the country over the edge, into total moral collapse.”

My comment: Only one thing can help: educating people in new social relations, in similarity to Nature (the Creator), meaning in a complete global integral connection. This is a long process, but once we start it, we will feel the support of all forces of nature in all areas of our life.

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