Five Global Shocks Of The World Economy

Dr. Michael LaitmanOpinion: Sean O’Grady (Economics Editor, the Independent): “In an updated and expanded version of the four horsemen of the apocalypse, the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) has identified five “global shocks” that will destabilize the world economy with increasing frequency in coming years.

Rather than the traditional perils of conquest, war, famine and death, the OECD identifies viral pandemics, cyber attacks, financial crises, socio-economic unrest and geomagnetic storms as the five “global shocks” that will have to be endured….

The financial crisis of 2008 was the first such episode.” The OECD explains the increase in frequency of crises by “increasing inter-connectivity” of the world economy.

My comment: When individual, uncorrected (egoistic, narrow-mindedly focused only on their own profit) people, nations, and countries turn into a single, whole body, an inter-dependent system where every one is doing only what is beneficial for them, the chances of such system experiencing a shock increase greatly and unpredictably.

Inter-dependency creates unpredictable combinations of causes of any future state. Whereas we lack knowledge of this system to comprehend and estimate it. To do it, we need to start sensing it as our own. And this is feasible only if we ourselves become integrally connected with each other.

This is possible only if we ourselves assume its qualities and properties by correcting ourselves with the help of the method of Kabbalah, which is called revelation of the Creator to the created beings. After all, relative to us, the Creator is the revelation of our corrected properties within us. This is why He is called Boreh or “Bo,” come, and “Reh,” see, reveal it within. …Or you can take the book of Prophets and find out what awaits us if we do not appease Nature with our balance with it.

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