Daily Kabbalah Lesson – 07.22.11

Writings of Rabash, Shlavei HaSulam, “On My Bed at Night
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The Book of Zohar – Selected, Chapter “Truma (Donation) 2, “Lift Up a Song for Him Who Rides Through the Prairies,” Item 721, Lesson 30
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Kabbalah for the Student, General Preface,” Item 3, Lesson 4
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The Teaching of the Kabbalah and Its Essence
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  1. Thank you for your lectures, I have also been watching lectures on kab.tv and I like seeing the discussions. I agree with things you said in those lectures and wanted to say that faith above reason, is as you described for me. It is being able to recognize the hatred in myself and in others and despite it, rise above it love the other person anyway. It’s not easy to do. And since people constantly are hating each other and I have hateful thoughts come up I have to transform them. It’s work and it’s work for the higher purpose or higher goal of connecting everyone. That is what I tell myself, that if I harm through hatred someone else through words, then I am harming the entire soul of the world. That’s motivation enough to not do it or be extra aware of what I say to others, etc.

    This is sort of another topic within that, but when I do love others, I notice some people think that having to love me back or love others back is against them in some way or hateful for them, because the love judges them somehow or it makes them not like themselves and they feel the love as hate instead. I’m not sure why this is this way for a lot of people, but it is. Is there some place in the Zohar that talkes about this? Or, is this just people being egoistic and not being able to deal with it themselves because they are around love and notice how they are unlike it when they are around it?

    Also, I see that sometimes, people seem to be nice back when I love them. Doesn’t matter if they are or not to me because my love isn’t intended to receive anything back. But because they are not part of the good environment, there isn’t that motivation for them to be kind back for non egoistic reasons and many are just nice back because they want something from me or they think they are receiving something. Not that I am against anyone trying to be nice back or judgeing them in any way. I always appreciate it, I just mean that I notice these things, whether or not I love them without conditions and whether or not I like to see the good in them, if they’re doing it for egoistic reasons, it is there despite what I want it to be.

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