Before The Train Catches Up With Us

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe group operates the same way as any other person by using the “miraculous force” of the Light (Segula). To do this, it needs to listen to the directions of the mentor and carry them out within itself. However, the main thing is unity and connection, the “circle” the group members create between themselves. There, they are all equal. No one is big or small, neither in relation to any particular quality nor in terms of one’s advantage over the other.

The small and the big, the beginner and the veteran, are equal. The group must be completely even and homogeneous. It must strive toward unity and mutual guarantee.

When they overcome all the problems and difficulties and desire to build themselves in such a form so as to really feel the quality of bestowal that is being restored between them, this connection is called Shechina (Divinity), the common desire that arises from foreign, separated parts that wish to connect. They attract the Light that Reforms to the extent of their desire and need to connect.

Then, the Light of AB-SAG comes to them and clarifies and corrects their desires. Thus, they advance until they see that they are basically beginning to build a spiritual vessel within the group. Malchut of the world of Atzilut is between them in this common desire that they are building through mutual bestowal to one another. This vessel becomes filled with the quality of bestowal and its fulfillment, referred to as the upper Light or the Creator, that dwells between them.

This work is personal for every individual as well as common for the entire group. It also applies to the entire humanity that is now entering this state against its will. Humanity simply lacks the initial spark that awakens in the heart and attracts one to itself: A person is simply pushed forward by suffering.

We need to become this enticing spark for them. Moreover, public opinion will figure out very quickly the main principles of this path and will make progress. Our objective is to provide humanity with the method of correction before they are ready to take a step forward. So far, the problem has been that they are advancing faster than we are providing them with this method.

We think that we are advancing while everyone else remains somewhere far behind, but this is not true. They actually are advancing very fast, and they are ready to accept the method of correction from us. We are late to address them. This is a big problem, and we really need to hurry.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 7/18/2011, Shamati #122

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