All The Strings Of Desire

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How will the Light solve the problems of seven billion people on earth if every person has his own problems and level of development? We live in a huge system. Is it really possible that every detail in it will be accounted for?

Answer: Imagine a depression in the earth that you fill with water. In the same way, every detail, element, protrusion, and dent in the world is filled with Light according to its qualities.

The Light does not have any calculations with the desire. It simply fills it and shines for it, awakening inside of it. And according to that, the desire feels how close it is to the Light or how far it is from the Light in certain details of perception.

For example, the Light that I receive increased by 10 watts. Accordingly, in every one of my qualities and in every desire, a new thought arises, a new analysis of the situation, and I make a new calculation.

Question: It turns out that the Light is not a function, but everything is determined only by the desire?

Answer: The Light is invariable. Everything depends on my desire and its forms. When it is filled with Light, I don’t feel the Light itself, but the reaction of the desire, all of its strings. This is Light for me.

Question: So which part of this depends on me?

Answer: Work with the intention. We don’t change the desires, but the intention. And only it. I don’t care which protrusions and indentations are present in the hole that I fill with water. They will remain the way they are, while my task is to fill it.
From the 5th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 7/10/11, Matan Torah

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  1. I understand what it means to focus on the intentions. I was uncertain about people who hate never getting better, but I have to be honest, I have been loving anyway, as much as I safely can and I notice that things are starting to change. It’s me who is changing since they are still up to their old behaviors and ways of doing things, but despite this, things are better between us. I don’t expect them to be loving and I don’t expect anything in return from them. But somehow, things are a lot more peaceful now.

  2. Dr. Laitman

    Your kabbalah site has provided me with a new perspective of reality and nature and creation. Indeed the wisdom of kabbalah could provide the world and humanity a very clear vision and understanding of the very complex matter of life and man s existence. HIs raison d’ etre so to speak.

    My question is, as you have described to us a new way of appreciating and understanding reality and the entity, the “Upper Force”, or the Creator as you said are one and the same who is responsible for all of creation, is so different from the God that each and everyone of us know in various degrees of familiarity, by worshiping and praying to this God, did we and are we committing the sin of idolatry?

    When i pray and i would admit that I derived a great amount of pleasure and peace in my heart when I pray on a regular daily basis as has been taught us, am I praying to the wrong God? That what I have been drawing upon me is nothing but some kind of psychological crutch that my mind is inducing in me? Do prayers really help?

    When I attend the daily summer lesson and listen to the teachers conducting the lessons, the way they try to convey those information about kabbalah and the roots and the branches and all that stuff, and even in your teachings and articles I ve read so far, which I admit I find difficult to grasp and understand, but I could see that everything seem so easy and simple to all of you. I sense that kind of confidence and satisfaction that could only come from people who really know a lot and have attained a certain level of understanding and knowledge.

    Am sorry but I may have deviated from the topic at hand. But I am really thankful that Hashem has provided me with this opportunity through your website.

    Thanks. You have one great site!


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