A Sage Raises Himself As A Newborn

Dr. Michael LaitmanIf a person does not aspire to fulfill himself egoistically, if he does not wait for the Light to come and fulfill him without any preparation, but understands that the Light is a sensation within a desire, such a person wishes to change himself and is called a sage.

He understands that he was allowed only to experience an initial, small impression, and he will only experience all the other phenomena under the condition of developing his desire according to the four phases of the Direct Light. There, at the last phase of the development of desire, he will feel that he bestows, and in accordance with it, he will experience life in bestowal called the upper Light.

So, a sage is someone who sees a “newborn,” a new state that is being born. With his actions and the help of the Light influencing him, he reaches such profound changes in his desire that he transitions from reception, the desire to receive pleasure, to the desire to bestow and the sensation of love, which is life.

His desire changes, and he begins to feel himself coming closer to the action of bestowal which initially repulsed him. At first, he forced himself to act. However, by exerting effort and attracting upon himself the influence of the Light, he came to a point when he actually started to desire bestowal.

This is a miracle of the Light. It acts in response to our efforts, even without our initial desire, and changes it. This way, the desire goes through qualitative stages of development and becomes a new desire.

A person who is wise enough to see the “newborn,” the new desire being conceived in him, the need to bestow, exerts effort and understands that he is working against the constant Light, the “Good Who does Good.” He uses the Light that Reforms. This way, he goes through one state after another, stage after stage, and comes to the Light of life.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 7/18/2011, Shamati #122

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