Free The Space For The Light In Yourself

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Why was it necessary to withdraw from the Creator to the utmost point in order to get corrected and come to adhesion with Him?

Answer: It is not sufficient to descend through all of the worlds to this one. We have to descend even deeper. Only when we enter the group do we start attaining what a “broken man” is. Then, we fall lower and lower, much deeper than when we just started to study.

After all, previously, we were not familiar with our evil inclination and didn’t feel bad about it. At that point, we still thought that the desires we had were good, and the more our ego evolved, the more energy it provided for us to advance.

Then, we begin to want to unite with the others and reveal the internal essence of the group. We do this while constantly thinking about it in order to find the internal connection between us, which does exist, but is concealed from us. It’s only then that we discover that we always forget about, reject, and hate it. Thus, a person gradually starts attaining his nature.

This is still a descent since he hasn’t revealed all his evil, and all ascents and descents are defined solely by how the creature feels about it. A person doesn’t see himself as more distant from the Creator just yet. All of his understanding and experience is based on the degree of his being distant from Him, as if he is moving further and further away.

Hence, he feels an even greater void, bitterness, and frustration. He doesn’t understand how it can be that he works and studies so much, only to feel worse as the world is becoming still darker for him. Yet, he finally realizes that this is how the created being is revealed, and it is necessary to go through it.

In the end, he agrees with it, which is regarded as “unconditional acceptance.” He is prepared for whatever may come and thinks that it’s all right if he feels lower than low; most important is not to give up!

In that case, he receives an even greater burdening by the ego while, simultaneously, he gets an opportunity to correct it. Here the advancement is based on two opposites since when he starts correcting, equalizing himself with the Creator and coming closer to Him with every new step, he must reveal his opposite nature in the “left line.” Then, in accordance with that, he will plead for the Light “in the right line” and correct himself in the “middle” one.

That means that over the course of this entire ascent to Malchut of the world of Infinity, to the very last moment, the adhesion regarded as “Rav Paalim UMekabtziel (He Who Blesses and Adorns Her),” he will keep revealing increasingly greater evil. It cannot be avoided.

Otherwise, we won’t find in ourselves the need for the Light. We need room where we can make the Creator within ourselves. This space is supposed to be opposite to the innate properties of the Creator, and then it will be up to me what to do in it.

That is why we find this void, all the places that comprise it, and all of its parts as separate, opposite, and distanced from one another, like the broken parts of a construction set. We, however, begin to assemble it, looking for matching pieces and placing them in the correct sequence, in the correct order of cause and effect, so as to align all the details that were taken apart.

Thereby, I reveal how the Creator feels about me, that He is good that does good which created the point of “existence from absence” that I need to correct in myself. This awareness that I am created “from absence” helps me understand the “existence from existence” (Yesh Mi Yesh) which created me.

The entire process that this point created by Him passes through is necessary solely so that I may attain the infinite Light. All these stages were pre-set long before, during the plan of creation, preceding the creation of this point “from absence,” as it is said: “The end of an action is in its initial thought.” Thus, it arrives at the attainment of the force that created it and to the understanding of what the essence of this entire correction process was.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 5/8/2011, ”All Who Suffer for the Public”

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