Who Is Referred To As Human?

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Who belongs to the human level of development, and who to the animate one? Does this depend on the region where a person lives?

Answer: This has nothing to do with any corporeal parameters. The still, vegetative, animate, and human levels of nature exist in all the people living on Earth. And every person must reach his perfect state at the end of his or her development.

The key issue here is one’s aspiration towards it, which absolutely does not depend on any of us. All souls are gathered together in their initial state, in the initial informational record, referred to as Reshimo in Kabbalah. And every one of us has a place in this hierarchy of souls.

For this reason, when the time comes and a point in this global mechanism must begin its development, the person who possesses this point feels a certain pressure, and this pushes him forward. And the only thing that depends on him is the speed of realization of this Reshimo and its kind: good and fast or slow and evil. Nothing else is up to him.

So, in every region there can be people who are already striving towards spirituality. And this does not depend on one’s location or quality of life.

In Europe we have found a lesser number of people like this so far; the most are in South America and Russia. But, generally, they live everywhere: in China, Iran, Japan, Africa, Australia. We have students everywhere; they are of different races, nationalities, and social levels. And we are not able to foresee which ones are yet to strive ahead, how they will do it, and when. This is completely unpredictable.

We do not know the order of development of every part of the common soul. Just like an embryo in a mother’s womb develops in a certain order, the parts of the single collective soul of humanity, all of us, also develop in the same order. Every individual soul also develops according to the same image and similarity to the collective soul.

Question: Can we say that if the question about the purpose of life has appeared in a person, in other words, that if he has acquired a point in the heart, it means that he is already working with the “human” level?

Answer: Yes, if he has acquired a point in the heart, and he is beginning to ask about the purpose of life from within it, he is already working on the “human” level.

But he can “conserve” himself on this level for many years. Practically, he will not be able to do anything if he does not find himself in a group, near authentic sources, and next to a teacher. Regrettably, there are people like this, and it saddens me to see them. They were with us, and then they stepped away and froze. I hope to see them back soon.
From Lesson 1 from Moscow 1/14/2011, “Introduction of The Book of Zohar”

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