One With The Creator

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: In your opinion, what is freedom? And are you free?

Answer: In my opinion, freedom is absolute similarity to the Creator, when I do not have any other desires but His. This is because the Creator is the absolute law of nature. It is not somebody from the skies, but an enormous law of nature that surrounds the entire nature and controls everything, all of its parts, including me.

And I exist in an absolute prison. Imagine yourself completely tied up. Your nervous system is not able to handle it, you are losing your mind; it is awful! This is your state when you are opposite to the Creator. But when together with Him you reach similarity to Him, His understanding, and balance, you suddenly feel that all these chains, these limitations, disappear.

Like a cogwheel, you are locked in from all sides with all other cogwheels. You are not able to move anywhere; you are not able to do anything at all! And suddenly you feel that specifically your understanding of the Creator, your agreeing with Him brings you to balance, a joyful state when you simply do not need anything else. What a relief!

This already is a state of “Hassadim (Mercy),” a state of  faith. You do not need anything else but corresponding to Him in properties. And no matter what happens, it is Him influencing you with the only purpose of giving you the opportunity to find an even greater possibility to correspond to Him.

Once all His different influences touch you, and you find your similarity to all of them, now nothing can affect you and make you fail to be similar to the Creator: You have attained the state of absolute bestowal, Bina. Now you feel completely free.

What does “completely free” mean? You are under the Creator’s complete power just like before, but you agree with Him completely of your own will, and not against it because you realize that everything must be this way and not the other. You find yourself in absolute harmony, in unison with Him. This is the state of Bina, when nothing is lacking!

The next type of work only begins after this. We call it reception for the sake of bestowal.
From Lesson1 in Moscow 1/14/2011, “Introduction of The Book of Zohar”

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  1. Sometimes I forget: it’s all about our nature changing to that of the Creator’s, so that all I am agrees with what he is. The more my nature changes, the more I recognize the prison I’m in.

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