Uniting Around A Common Source Of Life

Dr. Michael LaitmanWe have entered the developmental stage of the greatest level of desire, Malchut. And most importantly, this desire is common.

This is the beginning of the age of the Messiah. If we view 6,000 years of development as 6 days, then we are in the last thousand, the last “day.” The difference is that we are now revealing the universal connection, Malchut that is connected to Yesod.

If Malchut becomes revealed by itself, it is the animate level. But if Malchut’s connection with Yesod, with Zeir Anpin, becomes revealed, then this is already the human level. Therefore, this connection that becomes revealed awakens our aspiration for something higher, causing us to search for the meaning in life.

We seem to have a connection with Yesod, which is the source from which life, the Light of Hochma, comes to us. We feel that we need changes and our entire world demands correction. Yesod also unites everything from above downwards since it is the sum of the previous five Sefirot (Hesed, Gevura, Tifferet, Netzah, and Hod).

On the other hand, Yesod is the place of union with the Creator (Brit, circumcision), which concentrates all of the corrections of the connection between the Creator and creation. This is the source from which Malchut receives the entire Light of life.

In our days we are beginning to feel this Yesod. We are suddenly awakening and we don’t understand what is our life—where does it come from? We die, but is there life above us?

We start to be impressed from feeling the connection with Yesod, which is becoming slightly revealed to us. This time is called the era of the Messiah, when the Light of Yesod has to pull us upwards (from the word Moshech, to pull out). Yesod is a male quality, whereas we, creation, are a female quality, Malchut. We have to elicit the union of these two parts, the male and the female.

For now our points in the heart are awakening because a small illumination comes out of Yesod and reaches Malchut. On one hand, each person feels an individual awakening inside. On the other hand, we feel connected with each other because Yesod unites all the Lights together from above downwards.

When all of these Lights pass through Yesod, unite, and come to us as one common Light, that Light includes many components and therefore awakens an awareness in Malchut that we are all connected. We have to attain equivalence with Yesod ,and the Light we receive from it awakens this universal connection inside us.

For now this connection is not correct, not good. We still have to go through the realization of evil and other corrections. But nevertheless, this connection has already emerged. These days are called the era of the Messiah because he pulls us out (Moshech) and elevates us.
From the lesson on Talmud Eser Sefirot on 1/7/11

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