The Groundbreakers

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe transition from the present, internal sensation to the external one is the most challenging step on the path of evolution. In the corporeal world, it is egoism that makes us grow by providing a natural motivation for us to search. In the upper world, we feel how wonderful it is to step out into the new dimension. We start seeing and experiencing it, and sensing the forces that interact with all of its parts. We unveil the tapestry of forces that connect us, which naturally results in our yearning for spiritual attainment.

We have to move on from our present perception to a higher one, and reside in both dimensions simultaneously. This is a very difficult psychological transition because it is as if we are being reborn.

Just like a newborn comes out of its previous place of existence into the external world by way of its own efforts, as well as its mother’s, so we have to pass through the very same stages of internal maturation and necessity to be born. With our own effort, we “flip upside down,” which signifies that we completely switch our perception of reality. The pushing force of the mother works in sync with the moving force of the embryo, and as a result we come out into the external world.

This is the most serious state and a crucial point in our lives. For the first time in human history, we are undergoing it on a mass scale. In the past, the revelation of the upper dimension or the external world occurred on the individual level. The first person to do so was Adam 5771 years ago. After him, over the course of thousands of years, many others discovered this possibility, attained it, and described it in their books, which have survived to this day. That is how the method continued to develop.

However, today, it is being transformed from an individual wisdom to a mass wisdom. Therefore, it is undergoing very serious modifications. We are the groundbreakers of implementing it, and the process will be much easier for the rest of mankind. We will be born first, and then all the others will follow us by the same principle.

We should be aware how challenging, profound, and unique our path is.
From the lesson in Moscow on 1/16/11, Writings of Rabash

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  1. What greater challenge, what greater purpose, what greater danger, what greater reward, what could be more worthwhile?

    I must ask again, do you think we can bridge the gap and directly sense each other (emotions, senses) through some wireless transmission of information? This would be the ultimate connection, akin to psychic bonding and exactly analogous to what the cells achieved in us. I feel uncomfortable saying this but briefly for about five minutes in college I experienced strong heat sensations coming from other people, stronger ones from people I knew as if I had nerves within them. It genuinely disturbed me, and I had been studying kabbalah for several months at that time. I had smoked some marijuana with some friends which might have triggered something…I hope this is useful. This sort of bonding is the only hope we have against duplicity, and leads us towards unified super consciousness!

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