Knowing The Stamp From Its Imprint

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How should a person measure his spiritual progress: by the growth of egoism or the magnitude of bestowal?

Answer: Bestowal can never be measured. It’s boundless, formless, and shapeless until it clothes into the receiving desire.

We are always submerged into our egoistic thoughts and impulses. But if we overcome them and begin to aim ourselves at the Creator above them, we impart height and form to our bestowing desire.

Its height equals that of the receiving desire, above which we want to live in bestowal. We turn to the Creator in exact correspondence with our egoistic impulse, above it.
After all, it is He who formed this egoistic desire, this foreign thought within me.

Hence, by rising above it and turning back to Him, I as though make a mask of the face, a copy, and acquire His form. The Creator copied His form onto my will to enjoy, while I make a reverse copy from this desire and return to the Creator’s initial form and begin to bestow.

In this way, I come to know, understand, and perceive the Creator: from a stamp to its imprint and back to a stamp.

From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 1/4/2011, “What Does It Mean That if the Good Grows Also the Evil Grows at Work”

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  1. This is great, stamp to imprint to stamp sounds like roots to trunk to branches, or perhaps vice versa…

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