Hatred On The Path To Love

Dr. Michael LaitmanWe talk about hatred that becomes revealed between us; however, it does not necessarily mean that we have to hate each other. There is no such commandment. We are going toward love.

But we start with the broken soul that split into billions of pieces. We have to try to re-unite them back together. A contemporary global world is an indication of a great responsibility that has been placed upon us since whether we want it or not, we discover that we are all interconnected.

After we try to unite, we reveal hatred between us. This is our nature. The Creator says: “I created the evil inclination.” When does it manifest? When we approach unification correctly. If you begin to unite incorrectly, you will not reveal hatred, but rather will get partial results, such as indifference and so on.

In order to expose hatred, you need the Light from Above. By attempting to unify with the others, you attract the Light, and it illuminates the breaking, the separation between us. Then you feel your opposition to the Light: This is hatred.

But as a result of it you also begin to feel that you are being pushed to, awakened to, the plea for unity. The same Light that showed you who you are can also help you. Then you ask: “Correct me!” and the Light does.

Hence, we do not intend to hate each other at all. A person runs from Egypt, his or her egoism, in order to rise above it and unite with the others. And then he suddenly discovers the true hatred, Mount Sinai.
From Lesson 1, Convention at the Arava Desert 12/30/10

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