Breathe Life Into The System

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: In order not to lose sight of the spiritual goal, a person has to hold on to something; he needs clues, “crumbs of bread” along the path. What should we cling to?

Answer: Here is an example: Each person feels as though he is a blown fuse in an electrical system. This is what his life represents. He thinks that he feels the others, but in reality he feels only his “burnt” still, vegetative, and animate properties and himself.

But when we begin correcting the system, a person starts experiencing the program, the force of creation, the currents that run in the corrected system. Now, its components are linked with each other and function perfectly, according to the plan of creation, which is, in fact, the Creator. A person starts experiencing his life in the system and all of it as one whole.

In truth, if I am not connected with the others, if I feel isolated from the system, and if I live only “within myself,” then my perception is limited to this world, which is the reality that is projected on the inner screen in the back of my brain as Baal HaSulam describes. It seems broken to me, corrupted, and dependent on my attitude towards it. And only I am able to make a connection between all the others.

If, however, I exit myself and see the external world, I move into the true reality. Then, I see the others not as bodies but as properties of bestowal. Each of them is essentially corrected; however, in order to bring them together, I need a connection, the property of bestowal, and then everything will start working properly.

In other words, the general system is already saturated with the corrected connections, and I am the source of power, a battery for it. Without my energy, the whole system is on hold. It is my duty to become the source of power, and then everything will start working again.

A person has to constantly hold these pictures within, as if everything is exactly this way. Everybody will gradually get accustomed to them, and then suddenly the contours of the system will protrude before us. In truth, the habit becomes second nature; it allows a person to experience even what didn’t speak to him before.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 12/29/10, “What is the Flood Water in the Work”

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