Even Though My Eyes Can’t See

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What is Segula (a miraculous remedy or force)?

Answer: Segula is when the outcome is not evoked by my direct actions, but rather happens indirectly. I don’t know exactly how this works; I was simply told that this is so and based on that I act.

I view the connection between my actions and their outcome as a fact because I rely on the upper one’s mind. In other words, I don’t work based on the principle: “A judge has only what his eyes can see.” On the contrary, I follow the principle: “They have eyes but cannot see.” I can only use the mind (Rosh) of the upper one who told me: “Do it this way.” And when I do, Segula occurs.

It is a law since nature works only through laws, but this law isn’t fully discerned in my attributes, my intelligence, yet; it isn’t evident to me and this is why it is called Segula with regard to me. It affects me, but I don’t feel it in my egoistic desires, not in what is revealed to me. Hence, it is called Segula, a miracle, an unexplained natural phenomenon.

We witness such phenomena in our world. Suppose one person suggests to another person to do something in order to obtain a desired result. But the latter refuses since he doesn’t see how one thing results from another. But if, despite his own desire, he followed the first person’s advice, meaning that he had understood that the other person could see the cause, effect, and the action necessary to achieve the desired result, it would mean that he would use the other person’s mind or the miraculous force, Segula.
From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 12/31/10, Shamati #4

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