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Dr. Michael LaitmanAs we read the works of Kabbalists, people who have revealed the upper world, the super-reality, we do not understand or feel what they talk about, but simply follow their words. They tell us that there is an upper force which is unattainable by itself. On our part, we attain it as the Creator, the Good who Does Good. Coming from this quality, the Creator made creation and desires for it to develop and receive His goodness.

The goodness lies in becoming equal to the Creator. There is nothing better or higher than that. Therefore, “doing good” means bringing creation to the level of the Creator. To do that we have to acquire two parameters, which are inherent in Him: perfection and independence. In principle, independence is part of perfection, but for us it has a special meaning and is of prime importance. We must be independent like the Creator. Just as He existed by Himself before creation, so must we reach the same degree of independence despite being His creatures.

Besides, we have to be able to attain the degree of the Good who Does Good ourselves and acquire this quality as well. In order to give us this opportunity, the Creator made a perfect state where we are identical to Him, similar, united, and unified in every way—in qualities, in perception, in independence, and every other regard.

From this initial and final state, He lowered us into various details of perfection until we reached total oppositeness. Then, from this opposite state, He gives us the opportunity to return to perfection with a valuable possession. All we need is to come back home.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 1/13/11, Writings of Rabash

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  1. if we must work for a living, then how can we truly be independent, like the creator?

  2. Like a child, playing outside until the day grows dark, called home by their family to come inside. It is all within a day. The general and the particular are both ein sof

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