A Leap Into Spirituality

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: During the Second Temple period Kabbalists would sit for two hours preparing to read the prayer, “Hear, O Israel.” Why is it that we, who are so small compared to them, are presented with a much more complex reality where we come to the lesson totally disoriented and confused, and struggle for a few minutes to get some kind of focus before reading The Book of Zohar?

Answer: In those times Kabbalists had to enter the spiritual states that The Zohar talks about. They had to ascend up the levels from a total lack of spiritual sensation because every level begins from zero. It takes time for people to unite in one intention, to reach unity at the appropriate level, and to enter this state through the common sensation.

This can be compared to how parachute jumpers prepare for a common jump: They wrap up their parachutes, get into a plane, fly up beyond the clouds, jump from there, and while in free fall, without opening up the parachute yet, they connect with each other, creating different forms in the air.

This is a huge preparation for new unification on high spiritual levels. That is why it takes so much time, in accordance with the height of the level. The level obligates them to this.

On the other hand, if you are playing around here below, by yourself, without feeling others, then it’s enough for you to grab on to some thought “by the tail,” and that’s all. Let us hope that we will come to need the same preparation as the Kabbalists of the past.
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 1/13/11, The Zohar

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  1. “They had to ascend up the levels from a total lack of spiritual sensation because every level begins from zero.”

    I have heard it said that people in the past had an underdeveloped ego in comparison to the common ego of today, does this not mean that people (Kabbalists) in the time being referred to were already closer to spirituality before even beginning to study?

  2. The three temples are as the three points of development spoken of often. The first formed and was perfection, yet broke. This is the cell, the first living unity we know of, not just any cell but the first that were able to UNITE and form larger life. They are first testament aka proof to and of the creator, ein sof, the thing that goes against ENTROPY, against the WTR, DEATH. The balance to the dark. Fighting out of the pit despite the breaking, the dieing behind it, life grew and formed the 2nd temple. MAN, the animals before were lead ups to the temple like the early cells, which could work to make the next greater unity consciously (definition of a temple, also a Kaballist etc (more names for it)). The THIRD and final temple will be humanity unified. The earth visually is like a cell, and the same as the example with the 1st point being like the 3rd. The lead up to the 2nd unity is like the animals before man. Similar but not in resonance to the image. The MAKER. Once three temples are in our reshimot, memory history etc, it is enough to make a FRACTAL. All fractals need a base of at least 3 to form. The most basic fractal is the golden ration, Google it. FRACTALS are bonded to infinity as by simply replicating and expanding they encounter infinitely new detail, which means ABUNDANCE WITHOUT END. When we achieve the third temple, we will have paradise on earth, but sadly it takes a leap of faith. Happily this doesn’t mean madness, but simply passion and heart. The heart with the head, eventually swells to such powerful ecstatic drive that one can establish and overshadow every other flame inside by absorbing it, every other tree in the mind, AND BE FREE WHILE BEING ONE. This is what we seek, to the best of my awareness, and perhaps it is nothing, I leave that to you.

  3. On a side note, once the three are completed, every higher unities forever are possible, solar system unity, galactic unity etc etc

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