How To Find A Teacher?

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: I am a 22 year old American and have been on a spiritual quest for my entire life, but specifically these past few years. I am so confused. I want more than anything to live a spiritually fulfilled life, but do not believe I need to renounce the world as we know it to achieve such. I am highly interested in science and technology and the convergence of such studies with spirituality. I have become increasingly sensitive to the downfalls of our societies, and it is becoming harder and harder for me to function.

I have been living between Israel and the USA for the past four years, and have been looking for a true teacher to guide me on a personal level. It seems that today, there are so many people who claim things, and so many things you can sign up for, but it is so difficult to find a true teacher. Do you have any suggestions of how I can find a teacher that can guide me and help me amidst my confusion?

Answer: If we are nevertheless talking about Kabbalah, then it is definitely against “renouncing the world.” The world is a sensation of the soul felt when it is separated from the Creator. The soul descends to this state, our world, so that after being disappointed in all ways of receiving earthly pleasures and in all “spiritual practices” (more and more people are feeling this disappointment) it would raise this world to the Creator.

Kabbalists have always directed their students toward correspondence to the law of nature, which states that, similarly to man in this world, the soul is also formed and raised by its environment and not by a teacher personally.

Our movement, Bnei Baruch, has made significant progress in creating an environment that helps the souls transcend all doubts and reach their goal: merger with the Creator. Therefore, the best advice to you is to find this kind of environment.

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  1. I am a 70 year old retired Canadian who has recently disovered Kaballah – the first 20 years of my life where spent as the Kabbalah describes recieving pleasure just for myself, the classic James Dean type of existence – live fast, love hard, die young and leave a beautiful memory. Didn`t quite work out that way. The next 50 years have been spent growing up and searching for the meaning of life in many and varied places and practices. Sometimes with some success and even glimmerings of enlightenment which I still cherish and cling to. Now nearing the end of this particular journey on the path I discover Kaballah, Dr. Laitman and the group at BBEC; and through of all things the Internet. With Kaballah I have found the missing link I always knew was there but could`nt find or grasp. The chain is now complete or at least I have the means necesary to complete the chain. My task now is to link it all to the Ladder upwards on the Path of Ascension and Adhesion with the Creator. What a wonderful feeling I get from this discovery. I enjoy every minute of my studies and sometimes seem to learn by the hour and I have much to learn. My advise (for what it`s worth) to anyone like the writer of the above question who has found Kaballah so early in life is `Don`t Let Go – Don`t Quit“. You have found a real treasure and you are closer than you think.

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