The Fire In Your Soul

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: If the entire responsibility for the whole world rests on those who have a point in the heart, why then did the fires start in the north of Israel where other people live, and not in my house?

Answer: We are now in the preparatory stage for doing practical spiritual work, which begins with our entrance into the perception of the Upper World, our presence in it. Therefore, there is no sense in distracting you from the studies by making you lose your home and health in the fire. For the time being, you must quickly and easily move forth toward the practical work.

However, later on, you will find out that the people who are now suffering on the material plane, such as those who lost their homes, including children, the elderly, and women, are parts of yourself. In fact, they are closer to you than your biological children.

Your lack of sensitivity blocks this perception in you, but your are yet to see all of this and include it in your correction. For now, it is similar to two parts of the body: In order for one of them to be healed, the other suffers at its level. Afterwards, however, they become one, included in one another.

We are expected to understand this and experience it on the level of spiritual awareness instead of the level of matter so you will feel that it is you who burnt there in the north of Israel! Moreover, your inner work determines whether this predicament will be resolved or not.
From the lesson on Rabash’s article on 12.03.2010

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