Our Main Trump Card

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: If we create a virtual spiritual environment for children in all the study groups in the world, will this affect the acceleration of time, as it is written, “Israel accelerates the times”?

Answer: Education would seem like a secondary aspect, but in reality it is the most important thing. If we provide an example of the right upbringing where our children blossom like flowers and excel at everything, including education, their behavior, their ability to perceive and to express themselves, then we will be able to show the world the new humanity. No one will be able to withstand this example.

We will show that this kind of education system can be organized not just in one place, but it can be done in a virtual form in many places all over the world. Thus we can create a new generation of humanity.

The current generation has a problem because it has no continuation; there is no next generation. All the suffering experienced by parents and even by people who don’t have children or a family, is accumulating together. If we set up a network with a system of educational television in the main languages of the world, we will be able to strengthen the social connections among children, organize special children’s camps, and much more, and then no one will be able to provide anything better. After all, the national education systems continue to fall apart.

This is the trump card that will allow us to win! When people see that every child who is educated in this network is successful in all the subjects, stands out with his good behavior, correct attitude to life, understanding, and his physical health, then there is no doubt that this will tell all.

It is impossible to copy this system; others can only join it because its foundation is common unity, while copying it would mean disunity. Therefore it won’t give a separate group or country the same result.

This system can only be organized based on the principles of unity: the world is global, the connection is integral, the necessity is to unite, and all people are brothers. It turns out that the world will have to accept our method, which will take on a systematic, scientific form.

Our network must be diverse and include children from different countries. We have to show that they all study the same primary source and the same method, and are all connected together. They are the new humanity with universal values, which is what evolution demands from us.
From the talk on education on 10/31/10

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