The Shift Of Paradigm

Dr. Michael LaitmanI discover unity by acting directly and indirectly. Acting directly, I care for the friends, assist them, make coffee and tea for them, serve them. In other words, I unite with them. This is customary in the corporeal world: We become close with people by giving them presents.

As to the spiritual actions, I must see my friends as the greatest people of our generation. They are bound as one, but I am outside of their bond and bow my head to become a single whole with them. I especially yearn for this correction while I study.

As a result of my efforts – internal and external, in deed and in intention – the illumination from the Upper degree that I see as corrected comes to me. I visualize that at that level we are all one and, together, we discover the Light among us, in accordance with the equivalence of form.

My work is now to renounce myself and evoke the influence of the Upper One. The key is not to interfere but only to connect. This period is called “three days of attachment of the semen to the uterus.” All I need to do is get absorbed inside it, deeper and deeper, constantly cancelling myself above egoism in order not to become an alien object inside the Upper One. Otherwise, poisoning will occur.

“The Upper One” is not some abstract notion but the friends. They look worse and worse in my eyes, and I must consistently resist this view by way of faith above reason. It seems that the outside world offers me a beautiful environment comprised of clever, healthy, positive people who know how to have a good time. And here, I find the opposite; I am irritated by the stupid talks and hypocrisy. But I work harder and harder so that in each state, I could find uniqueness and greatness in my friends.

The conception period is a lengthy process, and its goal is renouncement of self. I am in the mother’s womb, that is, in a unique group, among the friends with whom I have to unify and through whom I have to receive the help from Above. The state of embryo is a transition phase. An ascent to the first spiritual degree is the most difficult.

But how can that be? After all, I am told that correction is done from light to heavy. And still, Baal HaSulam writes in his article “One Law”: “The main moment of heaviness in serving the Creator is the first bonding.”

There is no other choice because we are talking about the shift of paradigm, attitude, and perception of reality. Numerous parameters shift in a person, and he starts seeing the world in a radically new way.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 11/2/10, “Which Degree Should One Achieve so He Will Not Have to Reincarnate?”

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