From Hatred To Perfection

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Why do we need hatred?

Answer: While I am not familiar with you, there is no mutual inclusion between us, the connection between us is not revealed, and I don’t feel hatred toward you. You may live somewhere in Alaska, and you are not my concern. However, the closer you are to me, the more you enter my field of vision.

If you are my neighbor, I watch you carefully: You left garbage somewhere; yesterday there was a lot of noise coming from your apartment, and so on. In this manner, we reveal how connected we are to each other. However, we are all egoists. Therefore, our ego, plus the connection between us gives birth to hatred.

Question: But when will this hatred go away?

Answer: It won’t go away! We have nowhere to go and nowhere to run from each other. This is the problem! We need to reach peace and agreement between us above our hatred without destroying it, but by rising above it. This constitutes the achievement of perfection, as it is written: “All sins will be covered by love!” The word “Shalom” in Hebrew means perfection (Shlemut).

From the show “Kabbalah For Beginners” of 10.27.2010

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  1. If our ego is responsible for the hatred we sometimes have for our friends and neigbours (those around us), what, specifically, do we do to rise above our ego?

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