In The Creator’s Arms

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Is living during the last generation an enormous and serious responsibility?

Answer: On the contrary, living during the last generation is not a serious responsibility; life is very good and easy! Everyone cares for me, everything is well, I am surrounded with the love of my friends, and the Creator bestows good upon me through them.

The revelation of the face of the Creator means that life begins to work out, I become healthy, problems disappear, and I feel good and comfortable. And I see the rest of the world around me the same way: I see that everyone has a good life! I see the entire Upper World revealed before me and it is eternal.

I no longer count the moments of my life that were given to me until the day I die without knowing what will happen to me tomorrow; rather, I dissolve in the World of Infinity. So why should I expect this to bring me problems? There is no evil in the world; I “connect for good!” And this is exactly what we want to achieve during our convention, so it will have a constant good influence over us.

All the worries and expectations of difficulties need to be erased and discarded, because none of this exists! At the moment when you connect with friends and wish to reveal the Creator in this connection, you fall under the best possible influence of the Source of all the good. There is no other force beside it that could influence us.

Through the group you connect to the strongest and kindest source of energy. You just need to keep strengthening this connection over all the obstacles, and that is it! We will try to do this over the three days of the convention, and we will see that all of life can be organized and arranged this way. You acquire a fantastic force through this connection, which enables you to achieve success in anything you do in life. But this can only happen on one condition: that you want to be connected with this force because it determines all the actions and events in our world.

And you will absolutely, clearly reveal it. You will feel like a child, grabbing on to the hand of an adult and taking the adult anywhere he wants. Like a little child, who takes his mother or father by the hand and pulls them so they would do for him what he himself cannot do. And you will do the same with the Creator: He wants you to!

Let us hope that we will be able to achieve Him taking us in His arms and helping us do everything we need to do!

From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 11/7/10, Baal HaSulam  “The Last Generation”

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