Being A Source Of Fulfillment For Others

Dr. Michael LaitmanToday the world is becoming global, and everyone is connected to each other as one system. Therefore, joy is possible only in the case that I am sure that others are satisfied.

If everyone feels well, I will also feel well. Otherwise something unexpected can happen at any given moment, and no one has a sense of confidence or safety.

The world has become very close-knit, threatening, and hostile, and it is only possible to achieve happiness under the condition that we unite; this is called joy from good deeds or acts of bestowal. If I am sure that I am providing fulfillment to other people, then they have an egoistic interest in me. I am a source of their fulfillment, and this gives me a sense of confidence that I will be all right; I will be filled myself, and I will fill others.

From the show “Kabbalah For Beginners” 10.28.2010 “Happiness”

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