Establishing A New Coordinate Axis

Dr. Michael LaitmanEvery person in this world has to reveal the Creator in his or her sensations and have no doubts that he feels and understands Him. Attainment is the deepest and ultimate level of our perception.

All my organs of perception – the feelings, mind or intellect, and heart – have to be filled with absolute spiritual revelation. All doubts, contradictions, past questions, and clarifications get dissolved, and I arrive at the complete, final fulfillment and ultimate understanding. The entire desire to enjoy created by the Creator has evolved and has been filled completely.

If a person has no need for such revelation, he can continue living an ordinary life. I wish him luck from the depth of my heart. However, if he is not satisfied with such a life, if he wants to know what he is living for, what the meaning of his life is, then he must reveal the root, the source of life, and for this, he needs the wisdom of Kabbalah. If he cannot find answers to these questions in religion, “spiritual” methods, various hobbies, or drugs, he remains empty and needs to reveal the meaning of life.

There are many phenomena in nature, the revelation of which requires additional devices: telescopes or microscopes. However, there is something that I’m unable to discover because nature is much more complex than I.

It’s not because it acts within a wider range, where certain locators could be of use. Nature is full of phenomena that I cannot even envision since I’m built according to three axes; this is how my brain is structured.

However, a point awakens in me and insists that all of my current knowledge is not enough. I see that conventional science does not satisfy me. This point is from another dimension.

In it, there are no three coordinate axes, time, motion, or place; it’s something completely different. It’s not just a space with a few additional axes, compressed or expanded. Rather, it is a totally different reality completely unconnected to the one that exists here.

And if I can investigate this upper reality, am I not a scientist? Of course, I am, and a true one!
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/29/10, “Body and Soul”

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